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Ollie Magazine

Super hip street magazine "Ollie" featured a couple styles from Japan's Vision Street Wear line!

 photo OllieMag_zps2cb0f2df.jpg

Interstyle Show - Yokohama, Japan

Last week we hit up the InterStyle Show at Yokohama, Japan! Check out some of the funky styles we have over there.  photo 2013-02-20144504_zpscae3abb8.jpg
 photo 2013-02-20144515_zpsb16b2f1a.jpg

Sanse Ad

Check out this sweet Vision Street Wear ad from Japan featuring Sanse from our Japanese team!  photo SKATEBORDINJUL2012_zps8b453a3f.jpg


This is Akila. He's a Vision sponsored punk rocker  who hung out with us throughout the whole trip, jammed while we skated, and had fans pretty much everywhere we went. If you want to check out more about him, head over to his site. You might want to open up Google Translate though, unless your Japanese is up to par.



Jammin' Out


Airplanes, buses, taxis, trains, customs, and being in a country where you don't understand the language can be pretty tough. Luckily we made sure to spend a little bit of time just chillin' out.

Q&A with Tetsu Sai


What is the skate scene like in Japan?

It is said that Japanese skate scene is more than 10 years behind that of U.S. This might be true for the skating environment or people's recognition against skaters but the Japanese skaters have already created Japanese skate style based on deep understanding of Japanese culture and propose the way of skating to wide range of Japanese people. There are now many Japanese skate brands and the skate is now being established as a culture.

Did you know anything about Kilian Martin before he came over?

Of course! I had known Kilian already known as a skater who merged new Free Style Skate and Street.

What are the biggest differences between US skating and Japan skating?

Those are the skating environment and the climate.

What was the craziest moment for you when you were with Kilian and the crew?

It's pity that we, Japanese skaters, didn't have enough time to spend with Kilian but I felt it quite pleased when I saw Kilian got excited at Asakusa and the staff seemed to be impressed by traditional Japanese culture. I am proud of it as a Japanese and wish all of them come again to Japan!

Do the Tokyo police harass skateboarders?

Most of policemen want to restrict the activity by skateboarders though some of them might understand what we do. If the skateboarders' activity is reported to the police, the skaters have to show their ID to the police.

Kilian x Vision Street Wear Japanese Ads

While Kilian was out in Japan he spent some time with our crew over there, and of course they wanted to get some pics for their magazine ads out there. Here's a few they just sent over to us.



Who's Ready for a Dance-off?

We came across this demo of Vision Street Wear dance exhibition in a mall in Tokyo. Unfortunately, no amount of shit-talking could get Kilian to battle them in a dance-off. Then again, no one in our group could keep up with these kids. They were crazy good.

Tetsu Getting Love from Transworld

While we were out in Japan taking Kilian around, we also spent a lot of time with our good buddy and sponsored skater Tetsu Sai. Tetsu is as legit as they come, and if you need any proof, check out this feature he just got in Transworld Skateboarding Japan.


Kilian's New Watch

One of the coolest things about our trip was seeing all of the rad gear that's only available in Japan. Kilian actually picked up the black Vision watch below. Pretty slick, right?


Vision Street Wear x Japan Shirts

Since we spent most of our time shredding the streets of Japan while we were out there, we kind of spaced bringing back any souvenirs.  So, we decided to make these rad Vision x Japan shirts to remember our trip.  These are limited editions and will only be available for giveaways! Make sure to tune in to our twitter feed next week for some deets!


Brand Video - Konnichiwa B*tches

We know that attention spans are short nowadays which is why we crammed an entire trip into this intense brand video from Kilian's trip to Japan.  Music courtesy of our good friends, Cerebral Ballzy.

Kilian Reading Japanese...Gossip Mags?

The Japanese Vision Skate team though it was hilarious to keep giving Kilian girly gossip mags. At this point, Kilian just played along and pretended to like them.


Autographs, Autographs, Autographs

One of the biggest parts of Kilian's trip was shredding with the Japanese team. One of the biggest parts of those shred sessions was Kilian signing autographs. Here he is hookin' up a fan, mid-banana.


Kilian at the Asakusa Temple

One of the first stops on the trip was for Kilian to meet up with the Japanese Vision Skate crew. They headed to the Asakusa Temple in Tokyo to show Kilian some of Japan's culture before they shredded up the streets. 


Kilian Tries Some Udon Noodles

A few of the days on Kilian's trip were wicked cold! One of the best ways to warm up in Japan after a frigid sesh is with a bowl of hot noodles. 


Some Local Kilian Fans

A lot of the time spent in Japan was, of course, shredding bad ass skate parks in Tokyo. This was one of the first spots that the Vision Japan Team Manager took Kilian, and there were plenty of fans stoked to see him!



Skating a skate park in Japan? Totally ok. Skating in a business park in Japan? Not ok. Luckily, Kilian and Go were able to charm their way out of a ticket by showing extreme respect to the policeman.


Kilian and the Ladies

For a shy dude, Kilian sure draws in the ladies. This is one of many pics with Japanese women swooning to get a shot with the man himself.


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